Introduction to this file

Ready to relax?

Get as comfy as can be in your chair. Focus your attention on the screen, focus your mind on my words, and let yourself grow calm… Put all cares from your thoughts as you listen, as you relax, as you follow the guide laid out before you.

Easy to do this. And it will simply grow easier each and every time you listen to one of my files. Every time you’re in the mood to relax. Every time you’re in the mood to open your mind and explore hypnosis.

If you like… you can focus on the spiral as you enter your trance, allowing it’s spinning swirls to carry you progressively deeper, driving you down into a warm and wonderful peaceful place deep in your mind.

If you prefer, you can let your eyes close. You can let the world around you become completely unimportant, as your body relaxes, as your mind unwinds, safe and secure and peaceful and still.

Take a deep breath in… and give a big breath out. You’ll notice breathing in this way naturally aids relaxation, naturally makes you feel that your body is growing more comfortable, more content, and as you do this, as you take those nice deep slow breaths, I’d like you to picture your body filling up with warmth and energy as you breathe in… and picture your body emptying of all tension and cares and stress as you breathe out.

Breathing in relaxation. Breathing out all you tension.

Every time you do that, you’ll feel yourself relaxing more deeply, more easily, more powerfully. Gently at first, but soon every time you do it will be a signal for you to go deeper into relaxation. Deeper into hypnosis.

Keep your breaths slow and steady, deep and soothing. Calming. Relaxing. Good.

Now, just listen and relax, it’s easy to do this. To follow my words, to focus on my voice. To let that become all that matters for the time being.

Focused on my voice, following my words, envisioning the things that I ask you to imagine.

Totally easy to do. It just comes naturally. Following the guide that I’m providing.

Let every word that you hear, while you’re in this state, relax you. Breathe deeply, follow, and let yourself just completely unwind.

Let your muscles unwind and your whole body relax, all it’s muscles, loosening, settling, growing warm, sleepy, limp, loose. From the tips of your toes, to the top of your head. Every muscle. Loosening, settling, growing warm, sleepy, limp. And loose.

As you follow my words, as you let my voice guide you, let your body relax completely. Every muscle, every tendon, every inch of skin.

Picture every part of you growing limp, sleepy, warm, and still. Muscles growing limp, mind growing sleepy, body growing warm, and still.

Still aware of the things around you, but allow them to grow less important, they don’t distract you, they just focus you more on this sensation. They just focus you more this moment, they just focus you more on my voice, on feeling wonderful, feeling calm, feeling open and chilled out.

Take another deep breath in, followed by a big breath out. Every breath in makes you feel more calm and relaxed. Every breath out makes you feel less tense, less involved with the room around you.

Breathing in relaxation. Breathing out all your tension. More fixed on my words with each passing second. More focused on following, relaxing. Feeling really peaceful as you breathe in relaxation. As you breathe out all your tension.

Notice the muscles in your face starting to relax, losing all their tension, feeling so warm and sleepy and calm.

A wonderful peaceful feeling, just enjoy how it feels. Happy, peaceful, comfortable, open.

Feeling so calm relaxed and comfortable that you just don’t feel like moving any more. You could if you wanted to… but you simply don’t even feel like trying right now. It’s not worth the effort, what you feel right now is so much better, so much nicer, so much more relaxing.

Allow yourself to relax more with every breath. Comfortable, dull, limp, relaxed. Deep breath in. Big breath out. Deeper and deeper. You can relax as deep as you like. Easy to do so. Easy to focus on my words and nothing else. Not worried about anything else, not concerned with anything else. All your normal cares and worries just melting away now. Not concerned with anything but my words.

Search your body for the last traces of tension, and let them disappear. Let them melt from your body, melt from your muscles. Growing totally still. With every breath you take, you drop deeper, relaxing deeper, you thoughts opening up.

All cares vanishing, all worries and concerns becoming totally forgotten for now. Following my words becomes all that matters, being guided deeply into relaxation, and being guided deeper.

Feeling really good now. Too comfortable to move, too relaxed and still to care about anything at all. You almost feel like you could fall asleep, your body feels heavy, weighty, calm, relaxed, and peaceful. And though you could fall asleep… you find yourself very focused on my words now.

Once your body’s this relaxed, it’s easy for your mind to reach the same level of relaxation. Easy, to let the calm still sensation that your body feels, move into your thoughts, into your mind. Letting all your thoughts grow still now, as you open up more and more to my words. Letting your thoughts unravel, letting your mind unwind, feeling a delicious sensation of calm, stillness, slow, lazyiness, and sleepy relaxation, as your thoughts follow my words.

Concentrate on my words and let your mind echo them. Repeat them in your mind as you relax deeper, let my words become your thoughts. Relaxing you, guiding you, steering you deeper and deeper.

Deep breath in, Big breath out. Deeper and deeper every time you do that. Every time you take a deep breath in and give a big breath out it sends you deeper into relaxation. Easily, unthinkingly, automatically.

Just feeling wonderful, feeling warm, feeling a really pleasant relaxing sensation washing all through your body, and all through your thoughts. Body so totally still, muscles so completely relaxed. Letting your mind feel all the same things. Letting your mind slow, your thoughts unwind, growing still, thoughtless, open, receptive, letting yourself follow, letting your mind echo, letting yourself respond completely to my words.

Feel yourself drifting and descending into a profound relaxation, echoing my words, my words are your thoughts, following my voice, fixed on everything I’m saying. No fears, no cares, just safety, happiness, openness. Calm.

If you find it enjoyable to do so, you might like to picture a place where you love to relax. A place that you find totally tranquil. It might be a golden beach, the sand soaked in sunlight, warmed by a soft breeze. It might be floating in a hot bath, soft bubbles cushioning you, a delicious relaxing aroma in the air, soothing your senses, calming your mind, washing all your cares away. It might be lying snuggled up in bed. Safe and warm. Drifting lazily between dreams and wakefulness.

Wherever you picture yourself, you’ll relax more and more into that place in your mind. The more time passes, the clearer that place in your mind will become, the more easily, the more deeply, and the more wonderfuly you’ll relax.

Feeling wonderful, happy to be guided, to be relaxed, to open up your mind completely and just follow all my words and suggestions. The more times you listen to my voice like this, the more deeply you’ll drift. The more times you listen to my voice like this, the more easily you’ll find yourself slipping into hypnosis. The more times you listen to my voice like this, the more you’ll enjoy listening and following and responding.

Now… in a moment I’m going to count down from five to zero. I’d like you to close your eyes if they’re not already closed, and as I count, let each number carry you deeper than ever, into this warm focused place in your mind.

Five… Letting your eyes close if they’re not already. Four… Breathing slowly and calmly, relaxing back. Three… Feeling warm energy filling you, focusing your thoughts. Two… Happy. Still. Thoughtless. Calm. One… So deeply relaxed now, feeling more enchanted every time. Zero… Totally relaxed, open, calm and still.

Relaxing back, let your conscious mind sleep. Still listening, still following, but your conscious thoughts just relaxing totally. Deeply hypnotized, deeply calm, deeply open. Deeply asleep.

Now. I’m going to give you a few suggestions, and if you’re happy with them, you’ll let them enter your mind and secure themselves in your thoughts. If you don’t like the suggestions, you don’t have to go along with them, but if you’re happy to accept them, you’ll embrace them wholeheartedly, letting them set themselves deep within your mind.

From now on, whenever you listen to my voice, or one of my files, if the file is intended to hypnotize you, you’ll find that you very quickly become focused on my words, you’ll very quickly find yourself feeling enchanted, entranced, captivated and calm.

If it’s what you want, you’ll very quickly relax back into deep hypnosis, and this will only become quicker and deeper as time passes.

Whenever you hear me ask “Ready to relax” you’ll immediately put all other thoughts and stresses and cares from your mind, as you clear out all other concerns for the time being.

Whenever you hear me ask “Ready to relax” you’ll allow those words to function as a signal that now’s the time for your body to relax, for you mind to unwind, for you to become completely hypnotized.

Each and every time you listen to one of my files, the effects of that file will grow. Each and every time you listen, you’ll drop deeper, responding more powerfully, and feeling more enchanted and wonderful.

Let those suggestions fix in your mind now. Enjoy how it feels to have your thoughts guided in this way.

You’ll respond more easily every time you listen to my words.

You’ll relax more deeply every time you allow my words to hypnotize you.

You’ll begin to relax the moment you hear me ask “Ready to relax?”

For now, you’re going to wake on the count of 5 feeling wonderful, recalling as much or as little of this trance as you’d like.

One. Feeling good, feeling yourself rising from trance now. Two. More aware of your surroundings and the room around you. Three. Feels like you’ve had a wonderful rest, time to wake up. Four. Feeling energised, lively, refreshed and happy. Five. Wide awake, eyes open, feeling great, energised, happy and good.

I hope you enjoyed listening, feel free to listen again. Please let me know how this file got you feeling.


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